The Singapore Turf Club is one of the most cost effective places to race a horse anywhere in the world. Unlike some other racing juristrictions, horse ownership is available to everyone, and there is no limit as to how many horses an owner can race in Singapore.

Singapore Racing is basically set up to help owners to race a horse cash positive.

Training Fees are capped at $2900 per month. On top of this an owner has veterinary charges (which are heavily subsidised) and farrier fees. So when a horse is in full training an owner is looking at a monthly charge of between $3200-3500 (depending on vet charges for that month).

Not only does Singapore Racing offer great prize money, with the minimum stake for a race of $35,000, but it has a unique credit rebate system for owners to offset the cost of training. This owner’s rebate of $900 per race applies when an owner’s horse races and doesn’t win or run in last 3 in a field of 10 runners, or the last 4 in a field of more than 10 runners. Thus, if a horse qualifies as above $900 is deducted from the training bill.

Prize money is distributed as follows

eg: Class 5 Race $35,000

$35,000 (less 10% retained by club to fund owner’s rebate scheme)


1st 48.25% = $15198.75 (less $400 for Syce) = $14,798.75 The minimum first place Prize Money in Singapore!!

For more detailed information on prize money and the Reward Incentive Scheme: Click Here 
and for more information on owning a racehorse in Singapore: Click Here
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