Singapore is blessed with some of the best restaurants in the world, and the coffee scene is evolving at such a rate there is a new cafe opening just about every week.

Stable clients and staff have sampled some of Singapore’s best establishments. Below is a list of some of our favourites!

Maggie Joans

110 Amoy St, 069930

PH: 6221 5564

One of the stable favourites is Maggie Joans. The food is great, the service is attentive without being overbearing and the ambience & décor is best described as unique – the standout being the vintage cutlery. MJ’s is hidden in a back Club St (Entrance is off Gemmil Lane) which adds a little mystique to the whole experience. Even if you’ve lived in Singapore for years, finding this place is challenge. The Mediterranean style dishes are all made from fresh ingredients with head chef Oliver creating an interesting range of enchanting entrées, delectable mains and mouth watering deserts, this place is a must visit venue if visiting Singapore for the first time.

Boomarang Bistro & Bar

60 Robertson Quay

#01-15 The Quayside

Singapore 238252

PH: +65 6738 1077

Situated on the river in Robertson Quay, the venue has two sides to it – mornings are for breakfast/brunch get together with friends & family (including dogs). Afternoons and evenings are typically for expats watching live or streamed sporting events in a casual bar/bistro environment. The large size of the place means that there’s plenty of room between tables, great for bigger than normal groups, very kid friendly with lots of high chairs. Being on the river means kids can ride their scooters whilst the parents enjoy their breakfast.

The food is solid, with a good ranges of dishes to cover the whole family. Most importantly is cold and the TV screens are the biggest and the best around.

Maison Ikkoku

20 Kandahar St

Singapore 198885

PH: +65 62940078

Arab St is an area in Singapore where middle eastern traders ply their trade selling everything from spices, rugs, basketry and textiles to some of the best food found in Singapore. One other thing the area can now lay claim to is it has one of the best cafe’s. Situated just around the corner from the Sultan Mosque is the Maison Ikkoku cafe which gets it name from a Japanese cartoon character. In addition to the café, situated on the 2nd floor is a what is described as chic “mens” boutique and on the 2nd floor is semi alfresco cocktail bar – what more do you want.

There was a warm welcome from the staff and then the sensational effect from the lighting which runs down the white painted brick wall – the layout and ambience of this place is outstanding.

The coffee was truly exceptional, and if not the best in Singapore, close to it. Lovely silky body and a beautiful aroma made this coffee a wonderful experience. What also made this experience great was the food. An excellent range of cakes and tasty sandwiches makes their place the perfect venue for lunch with friends.

40 Hands

78 Yong Siak Street


Singapore 163078

Ph: 6225 8545

Situated in Tiong Bahru, 40 Hands is almost camouflaged amongst some of the local businesses, with a small amount of outdoor seating, the entry is welcoming and seemed well laid out. The interior was what I would best describe as art deco, with a nice covered outdoor area at the back, an excellent use of space. The coffee is smooth, good size and a with nice bit of latte art made by charming barista’s with big smile’s on their faces. The food menu is vast except perhaps for the cakes and pastries which could do with a slightly wider (better quality) range. This area has so much to offer, the wet market, hawker centre, foodie market and all the various shops are within a few blocks making it perfect for a morning outing with friends.

Tiong Bahru Bakery

56 Eng Hoon St

Tiong Bahru

Ph:6220 3430

One of things that you learn after living in Singapore for a while is that very few really good cafes in a shopping centre or main strip, the Bahru Bakery is no exception. Situation just off Tiong Bahru Rd, right in an area full of traditional Singaporean businesses is probably the most delightful cafe/bakery in Singapore. This is the sort of place only a local will find and judging by the amount of people in there, plenty have. Clean, bright and busy with wonderful friendly service and an excellent array of bread, savouries and sandwiches, this artisan style bakery is a must visit for any coffee lover looking for a great place to enjoy a morning coffee or lunch. The coffee itself is lovely, with a strong, but not overwhelming flavour, made by barista’s who are clearly trained and love what they do. The criticism would be that the tables are a bit tight and the price – slightly on the high side @ $5.50.

Tobys Estate

8 Rodyk st. #01-03/04

Singapore 238216

Phone: +65 66367629

You know you’re getting close when the smell of freshly roasted coffee hits you as you walk along the river at Robertson Quay. One of the attractions of Toby’s Estate is that they roast their own beans right in front of you. For the true coffee purist this is all part of the experience. These guys are passionate about their coffee…. and it shows, always happy to share insights about the different beans and to show you how they go about roasting their own.

If we were to have one criticism of the overall experience I would say the table set up is awkward. Bench tables along the outside walls with one long table in the middle – whilst “chic”, this setup doesn’t allow them to maximize the overall space (my opinion only…you judge for yourself).

The coffee menu is outstanding; the food menu covers both pastries and a hot breakfast. They also have a good range of home accessories like grinders, jugs, cleaners, books etc. The service whilst friendly can sometimes go missing when needed

There is also outdoor seating for those who enjoy the ambience of the river view and the Singapore humidity – free Wi-Fi is a nice touch.

Overall the coffee was great matched by the experience and I would definitely recommend a visit.