WHAT a fabulous life right NOW

From Perth to Singapore, Singapore to Switzerland and Snow! That’s the passport stamps of 2012 Group 2 EW Barker hero and winner of over $500,000 in his Singapore race career. What Now.

Now affectionately known as “Wally” What Now was retired in June 2014 and found a home at The Singapore Polo club with then Singapore ex-pat resident Sonja Burgi. Over time, with patience and skill Wally was transformed into a competent jumper and dressage horse, and is now also ridden by Sonja’s 70 year old mother Ursula and husband Andreas has been known to take him for a spin!!. What makes Sonja’s achievements with Wally all the more impressive is, it should be remembered that only the best jockey in the world Joao Moriera was able to win on What Now, such was his array of tricks. He has truly become one of the Burgi family.

When Sonja’s husband had to relocate to Hong Kong for an outstanding employment opportunity, the decision had to be made on where to relocate the equine family member. Destination Hong Kong became very difficult logistically when a strangles out break at the turf club had implications on the exporting of horses from Singapore. It was decided that Wally would be sent to Sonja’s home country of Switzerland. Recently Sonja returned and forwarded photo’s of Wally’s first ride in the snow.

We can’t thank Sonja enough for life she has given What Now post racing. It was love at first sight when they first met each other, and I’m sure Sonia wouldn’t mind me saying…..He’s a very spoilt boy.